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The Prophet (SAWS) said, In the month of Ramadan; Allah (SWT) has given him something that no other Prophets was given before. In the first night of Ramadan; Allah can look at a servant and he will never go to Jahannam. The angels ask Allah to forgive our sins. Allah (SWT) tells Jannah to decorate itself and be ready for the servant. The odor from the mouth of a fasting person is most beloved to Allah (SWT) than the smell of any musk. Allah tells the angels “Look at my servant, he/she is trying to please Me; bear witness, I forgive his/her sins”.

Do not recite the Quran as a routine; do not pray tarawih as a routine in life. Try to live the message, try to understand what Allah (SWT) wants from you. Why Allah wants you to pray Tarawih? Is it to gain extra reward only? Yes, we get a lot of reward but that is not the only purpose. It is to get closer to him, to wake up and to gain the knowledge of Quran. We might be alive during this Ramadan but what is the guarantee that we will reach the next Ramadan.

Once someone came to the Prophet and said so and so is an orphan, the Prophet (SAWS) said, “The one who does not have anyone is not an orphan. An orphan is the one who enters Ramadan and does not gain the Rahma (mercy) of Allah and His mercy in Ramadan”. The month of Ramadan is about giving, spending, seclusion, oneness, unity. Elevate yourself to be for ALLAH (SWT), purify yourself from all the materialistic desires. Live for Akhirah. If you enter Ramadan with the right intentions you will increase your good manner, your Iman will be increased, your habits will be changed, and you will be a different person. Show Allah (SWT), you are ready to sacrifice, show Him your respect and want and desire for his blessings, forgiveness, His pleasure and Jannah. We want to detach from duniya and elevate our souls.

To summarize all; what I have said before, to generate the understanding and the purpose of different command and ritual in Ramadan (i.e prayer, extra Zikr (remembering Allah (SWT) reciting Qur’an, praying Tarawih, spending and of course fasting) the purpose of all this is purification and training yourself to be an ‘abd, that is to be pure and elevate yourself from the animal level. Which is not to be running to fulfill the desire, but to elevate to the angel level, which is to be purely for Allah (SWT) with soul and body? This purpose is to benefit the individual and his/her diseases of the heart, such as greed, accumulation, stinginess, misery, loving oneself. The maximum purification and the solution for these sicknesses as mentioned above can be reached through generosity, sacrificing, the love to help others, sharing, short hope, and most of all; work to please Allah (SWT) and gain the hereafter. To show Allah (SWT) how much we are sincere in our journey of iman, how much we’re willing to give up whatever we own, or we think we own in this life, to achieve His Pleasure and Generosity to us by Granting us His Rahma (Mercy) and the ultimate Paradise in the hereafter. And by achieving that as an individual, it generates the manner, the conduct of a quality, equality, and now I’m good to myself, good to others, benefit to myself, benefit to others in a family level, in a neighbor level, in a society level, and in a humanity level.

And all of the above will help to generate a just, kind, giving, person, which in a bigger picture generate a society and a nation with a beautiful quality and manner and a character, elevated, number 1 in the eyes of Allah (SWT), angels, mankind, and this will be the role model and the leader and the carrier of guidance to mankind. The individual will be purified and elevated to be ready for the great job, the greater job, the job of Messengers and Prophets, to help mankind to go to the Mercy of Allah (SWT), to believe and live and worship as a slave and servant of the Almighty in achieving Paradise and the Pleasure of Allah (SWT). And Allah (SWT) will Grant us His own Pleasure for infinity. Ameen.

Cheap Iftar Buffet in Dubai

Iftar deals!

Dubai is an excellent holiday destination that is replete with astounding attractions ? both man made and natural. Dubai’s biggest allure is perhaps its incredible diversity that is reflected in each of its facet. Apart from glitz and glamour that the city so radiantly displays, holidays to Dubaiare also about greeting a culture that is enchantingly rich and majestically colourful. And what better than the region’s biggest festival to know that heritage!

The holy month Ramadan is the period when the bottle of festivities and celebrations is uncorked in the Middle East and Dubai is the city that makes the biggest fizz of them all! The religious fervour and devotion among people during the period is just scintillating.

Tourists who wish to have a peek into the riveting religious tenets of Dubai locals must plan their holidays in the city during Ramadan 20111stAugust to 30th August are the Ramadan dates for 2011. Ramadan month also considered a tourist off-season, and thus budget travellers looking for cheap Dubai holidays stand a better chance of landing up with affordable travel packages.

Before actually booking cheap flights to Dubai, it is imperative that you get familiar with the Ramadan festival. Appropriate information will make your trip even more enjoyable during the period.

Ramadan Festival Features

  • Ramadan is a very special time of the year for the Muslims all across the world. During the period, Muslims are required to fast from dawn till evening. Muslims abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking. They are prohibited even from drinking water during the daytime.
  • Tourists in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan must be aware that eating and drinking in public during the daytime is strictly prohibited. Most eating joints are closed down. However, there are few restaurants that can serve you food away from the public eye. Tourists are recommended that they eat their food in the hotel rooms during the daytime.
  • Most office and business establishments remain closed, while few alter their working hours. As a result, tourists might find the streets having a deserted look during the day.
  • The inactivity of daytime is compensated with the revelries of the evenings. Tourists can enjoy hearty feasts that locals organise to break their fasts. These feasts are the perfect opportunities for the food lover to enjoy some fantastic cuisines.
  • Other than the food, holiday makers at such feasts can enjoy different types of Arabian celebrations and revelries. This can include singing, dancing and other forms of entertainment.
  • Eid-ul-Fitr follows the holy month of Ramadan. Eid-ul-Fitr is a huge festival among the Muslims and the enthusiasm and anticipation that builds up during the Ramadan month is simply worth a watch.

Iftar Deals in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the second largest city and capital of the United Arab Emirates. The name in English means Father of Gazelle. When planning a visit to the city, the main airport is Abu Dhabi International Airport. The major airline in the region is Etihad Airways which has regular flights out of New York. The public transportation system in Abu Dhabi includes public taxis, ferries and airplanes. The current metered taxis servicing the area, are silver colored, occasionally a visitor can see the older yellow colored ones. Abu Dhabi is known as a Middle Eastern tourist Mecca, and accommodates visitors and travelers from all over the world, who are attracted to the area for its vast beautiful coastline with breath taking beaches.

There is a wide selection of hotels in Abu Dhabi for visitors to choose from. From moderately priced to very exclusive. Some hotels in the area are, the Millennium Hotel which is steps away from the sand and a ferry ride from Lulu Island. Emirates Palace and Le Royal Meridian are also steps away from the sand. There are also beautiful familiar world renowned hotels located in Abu Dhabi, such as the Hilton, Holiday Inn and Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel. The culture is mostly Arabic, languages spoken are, Arabic and Persian, and you may also hear some Hindi, Chinese and Malaysian. The beaches are clean and well maintained, staffed with helpful friendly lifeguards. There are many sun worshippers along the beaches, but for those that enjoy more interactive sports, there is sand boarding, very similar to snow boarding, jet skiing and diving. There are so many different activities that can satisfy every visitor’s taste. There are many reputable companies to hire, for sightseeing and tours.

There are wonderful cafes and restaurants to enjoy, with food germane to the local area and cuisines from around the world as well. The local offerings are stuffed vine leaves and delectable spicy lamb and rice bread. For the less adventurous eater, there is more traditional cuisine found in the hotels and other restaurants in the area. There are wonderful shopping malls for visitors to the city. Shopping in Souk is authentic yet very unique shopping experience. It is packed with wonderful shops that sell everything from rare gems to the latest designer fashion clothing. It has local craftsmen that make and design unique souvenirs and gifts, it offers a very charming shopping experience. It’s a wonderful holiday destination. Enjoy!

Iftar Deals in Abu Dhabi

Iftar Deals in Dubai

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan celebrated with great fanfare in Dubai. Owing to a huge Muslim population, Ramadan observed with great devotion and sincerity. Travellers planning to Cheap holidays to Dubai this year should visit during August as this is the month of Ramadan. This holy month is an off-season time in terms of tourism and one can look forward to handsome discounts. Check out some of the interesting facts and tips to consider if you plan to spend Ramadan in Dubai.

While visiting Dubai during Ramadan 2011, remember that this is a holy month and Muslims would be observing daylong fasts. In fact, they even avoid water and cigarettes. It is rude and even illegal to eat or drink in public.

Most of the eating establishments in public view stay shut during the day. However, this hardly means that you will go hungry during your holidays to Dubai. Most hotels offer room service. Similarly, there are options for home delivery as well.

Alcohol will not be available during the day

Once the daily fast is over, grand Iftar parties are held and people treat themselves to scrumptious meals. In fact, many hotels put up special Iftar tents where unforgettably delicious authentic Arabian cuisines are dished out. One can also try the special shisha or hookah pipes at these parties.

Ramadan is an excellent time for shopping. Malls and many other shopping establishments stay open for long hours in the night. Some of the shopping precincts are open during the day as well. Massive discounts are offered, which add further value to your cheap Dubai holidays.

The approximate date for Eid-ul-Fitr is 30th August. Try planning your Dubai holidays in a manner that your vacations include this festival. Eid-ul-Fitr, which symbolises the end of Ramadan, is a highly merry festival in Dubai.

Ramadan is meant to be a month of austerity, purity, and devotion. Women travellers should avoid too much of makeup and wearing revealing clothing.

Nightlife slows down during Ramadan and most of the night clubs stay shut. The ones that continue to function do not play music and dancing is not permitted as well.

Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina are two of the best places to seek accommodation during the month of Ramadan. Both of these places are in close proximity to famous shopping malls. Many restaurants are also to be found in close vicinity and visitors can have some great moments gorging on the Iftar buffets of these restaurants.

Those planning Ramadan holidays in Dubai would benefit most in terms of the cost of flight and accommodation if they start their search on Dubai Deals now.

Iftar deals in Dubai

Are Wearable Body Cameras a must? For Police and Armed Forces

As you might be looking at all the things that you can purchase to get along with your camera devices, it’s without a doubt that you’ve got wondered what a camera body harness can do for you. Isn’t that the method that a lot of expert photography lovers go through? Don’t they all count the expenses, pros and cons of buying anything to assist them in their photography careers?

A camera body harness is often a really critical and vital part of a photographer’s equipment setup. It can be responsible for the safe and comfortable equipment transportation. Rarely, if ever, have photographers been able to discover something which will be both secure and comfy. Typically, it is one or the other that ought to be chosen. That’s the beauty of the camera body harness. It delivers both.

The reason that the camera body harness delivers trustworthy equipment transportation because it can be developed to support the apparatus on the two sides. Metal rings connect to each side from the camera and also attaches not to one, not two but four straps! These straps check out each and every shoulder as well as under each and every arm. This makes the prospect of the gear falling off of the sustenance system next to impossible! That’s a few things I call dependable.

The camera body harness can be comfortable thanks to its exclusive design. A lot of photographers are used to generic neck straps which are totally a literal pain inside the neck. They’ll use only one strap and that strap hangs directly upon the neck. Well, the neck hasn’t been made to have the ability to hold any kind of weight on it, not to say the entire weight of a camera. That’s why the camera body harness really may be identified as comfortable. Considering that the straps fit on like a backpack, you may not even recognize you are wearing it!

By offering both equally safe and sound and cozy transportation for your photography devices, what’s more , it permits for hands free vacation together with your camera right at your side. This indicates you won’t miss a photo opportunity, either. No photographer can stand to lose out on a great picture opportunity. Having a camera body harness, you won’t have to.

You now recognize the numerous advantages that come along with having this kind of remarkable device, all that’s left to do would be to get 1. These can be gotten online and in stores. They might be discovered in hunting stores as well as in photography stores. Somehow, they’re not as well-known as they could be if far more individuals knew about them so your very best bet is to purchase a camera body harness on-line.

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